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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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\NnxsPython NeXus interface
 oNnapiWrapper for the NeXus shared library
 |oCNeXusErrorNeXus Error
 |oCNeXusTreeStructure-based interface to the NeXus file API
 |oCAttrDictA dictionary class to assign all attributes to the NXattr class
 |oCNXattrClass for NeXus attributes of a NXfield or NXgroup object
 |oCNXobjectAbstract base class for elements in NeXus files
 |oCNXfieldA NeXus data field
 |oCPylabPlotterMatplotlib plotter class for NeXus data
 |oCNXgroupA NeXus group object
 |oCNXlinkClass for NeXus linked objects
 |oCNXlinkfieldClass for a NeXus linked field
 |oCNXlinkgroupClass for a NeXus linked group
 |oCNXentryNXentry group
 |oCNXsubentryNXsubentry group
 |oCNXdataNXdata group
 |oCNXmonitorNXmonitor group
 |\CNXlogNXlog group
  \CConverterUnit converter for NeXus style units