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Fortan 77 NeXus API

The Fortran routines have the same names and argument lists as the corresponding C routines, which they call using wrappers. Some extra routines for handling input/output of character data and attributes have been added. Care must be taken to ensure enough space is allocated for the input/output operations being performed.

It is necessary to reverse the order of indices in multidimensional arrays, compared to an equivalent C program, so that data are stored in the same order in the NeXus file.

Any program using the F77 API needs to include the following line near the top in order to define the required constants (NXHANDLESIZE, NXLINKSIZE, etc.):

  include 'NAPIF.INC'

Use this table to convert from the C data types listed with each routine to the F77 data types:

========================== ================================================ C FORTRAN 77 ========================== ================================================ int a, int* a INTEGER A char* a CHARACTER*(*) A NXhandle a, NXhandle* a INTEGER A(NXHANDLESIZE) NXstatus INTEGER int[] a INTEGER A(*) void* a REAL A(*) or DOUBLE A(*) or INTEGER A(*) NXlink a, NXlink* a INTEGER A(NXLINKSIZE) ========================== ================================================